Services of NewArcontec LLC

Based on our long experience in your market and good relation to our manufacturers we offer the best solutions for our customers to use equipment in most efficient and economical way.

Therefore, our perspective is mainly related to our customers individual requirements.

We are offering:

  • Feasibility studies and test cuts

  • Acceptance at manufacturer

    1. completeness
    2. geometrically
    3. test cut if agreed
  • Installation and commissioning works

    1. control of delivered material in regard of defects and completeness
    2. installation and leveling of equipment assembly of components and electrical  connection
    3. presetting of equipment
  • Training

    1. starting and set up of equipment
    2. Basics of control, for operator
    3. maintenance of mechanics and electrics
  • Warranty services

  • After warranty services

  • Spare part supply