Zimmer&Kreim GmbH

Inventive spirit and courage

How do we achieve a reliable result in the shortest possible time, and with the minimum use of resources? This question has been put to Zimmer&Kreim almost daily over the last 30 years. Zimmer&Kreim provides the answer until today with solutions covering every aspect of cavity sinking, handling and software-controlled process optimization in tool and mould-making. To this end, they combine innovative technologies with a wealth of experience, thereby bringing hardware and software into unbeatably efficient inter-action. This benefits the Zimmer&Kreim customers: Through precision, quality and process transparency, Zimmer&Kreim support them on the path to modern manufacturing. It all began on a small scale: Klaus Kreim and Alfred Zimmer built their first cavity sinking EDM-machine in 1985. At the end of November 1985, it was delivered to the Lego company. Six employees assisted the company founders on their exciting first steps along the path.

Today 100 employees work for the Zimmer&Kreim company. Over the last quarter of a century, the small business has become a medium-sized engineering company, which supplies its cutting-edge technology products to an international portfolio of customers in the business areas of EDM machines, handling systems and software solutions. During all this time, they have remained true to their roots: Zimmer&Kreim still remains committed to the region in which the company has grown up.

Success drives us on

Zimmer&Kreim has grown continually since the foundation of the company. Today they are leading in the field of cavity sinking EDM machines in Germany, and a worldwide technology leader in the area of automation for tool and mould-making. This is demonstrated by successful developments such as the electrode disc-changer, the genius controls and various software components of the ZK series. Last but not least, the Chameleon handling-system has enabled them to make the decisive breakthrough into the international markets. With this system, and the far-sighted further development of their software Zimmer&Kreim has established a worldwide reputation as a process optimizer. Zimmer&Kreim is today represented in over 30 countries: all around the world, the customers rely on the commercial power of their solutions.

EDM machine genius 602

Are you looking for a machine that executes especially the precise, small EDM work with high long-term precision? With the genius 602, Zimmer&Kreim offers a machine with the same control system as their large machines – and it shows in the precision. The difference: the genius 602 fits into every company. It is accessible from three sides, has a relatively low weight and is the most space-saving EDM machine on the market in its class. In relation to its size, it offers a maximum dielectric fluid height above the table, and the tank is integrated into the base, fully retractable and continuously variable.

The temperature of the dielectric fluid is automatically controlled via a thermostat. The rigid cast iron construction with pre-stressed anti-friction guideways avoids vibrations and thus ensures stability. Even on unstable floors, the three-point set-up ensures a continuously uniform alignment. The travel range of the genius 602 optimally utilizes the size of the table, making the machine suitable for a wide range of tasks. In addition, it also allows you to take a first step towards automation.

EDM machine genius 700

With the genius 700, you will enter a new dimension of cavity sinking. High travel speed and reduced idle times – this is how the genius 700 provides for especially speedy processing of your orders. The ratio of table size and travel distance is unique in its class. It enables the optimal utilization of the table.


The machine offers the by far largest dielectric fluid height above the table in its class. Feeding the dielectric fluid into the continuously movable tank is quick and easy. The machine has a high rigidity with pre-stressed anti-friction guideways. The moment of inertia of the C-axis is comparatively high at 0.6 kg / m2. In addition, it has a highly accurate measuring system. Even demanding EDM processes can be carried out economically and with high precision with the genius 700. The “on the fly” filter replacement prevents standstill, and the central lubrication system reduces maintenance times. The genius 700 can be connected from two sides, making flexible positioning possible. The height-adjustable control desk is ergonomically designed and allows working while seated.

EDM machine genius 850

You need precise results also for heavy work pieces. Zimmer&Kreim designed the genius 850 to meet exactly these requirements. It is identical in construction and design to the genius 602 but has a larger table and greater travel range. However, the machine requires little space compared to the large machining surface. With the genius 850, you can clamp two work piece pallets of common pallet systems at the same time and realize unmanned operation, for example over the weekend. The work tank of the genius 850 is integrated into the base, fully retractable and automatically adjusts together with the table. The temperature of the dielectric fluid is automatically and consistently controlled via a thermostat. The space-saving design allows for easy handling both in manual and automated operation. Through the various extension options – for example a 5th axis on the table – this versatile machine can also be adapted to individual requirements within the company.

EDM machine genius 1000 – The Cube

How do you machine tall work pieces? The best way is with the Zimmer&Kreim genius 1000. It combines highest stability with rigidity through the construction in the mineral cast bed. As a modified half gantry with two synchronized digital drives in the x-axis, it provides an intelligent, control solution. It thus offers interesting proportions, which are designed specifically for machining tall work pieces – and with exemplary machine precision.

All linear axes are equipped with glass scales. This way they achieve particular fineness even with large work pieces. With a dielectric fluid height of 500 mm above the table, it offers an exceptional processing height, thus covering a wide size range of electrodes and work pieces.

The travel range of the machine is also suitable for very large work pieces. The intelligent control system allows you to synchronously control 6 axes as EDM axes. This is a real advantage if you have to deal with complex geometries or free forms. At the same time, the machine allows for the organization of more efficient processes with large quantities.

Despite its size, the genius 1000 can be set up in surprisingly small spaces. Its compact design makes it easily accessible and loading with a crane very simple. The connection to automation is possible from three sides, so that you can place this machine wherever you need it in your company. The height-adjustable control desk ensures ergonomic working for everybody regardless of height. Due to the great accessibility of the service unit, it is particularly easy to maintain and service, saving you even more time

EDM machine genius 1200

Zimmer&Kreim offers clean design combined with maximum stability. The genius 1200 is designed for the real big tasks. The machine is constructed in gantry style. Even very heavy work pieces can be processed with the highest precision due to the rigid cast iron design.

Despite its size, you can set up the machine using comparatively little space, since it is easily accessible from all sides for maintenance and service work. The genius 1200 is equipped with a 5-axis CNC control system and has two simultaneous drives, each with measurement systems for the gantry of the x-axis, which are directly attached. This allows you to process large electrode dimensions as well as small parts on large work pieces. The tank can be continuously lowered, saving you time. Interruptions for pumping, flooding or temperature adjustments are avoided and idle times reduced.

Handlingsystem Chameleon

Are you looking for a cutting-edge solution for secure, automated production? Zimmer&Kreim offers you Chameleon, the automation system that combines the reliable mounting of different machines with unprecedented adaptability and versatility. The universally designed system is suitable for work pieces, electrodes and milling cutters.

Thanks to the modular design, Chameleon grows with the needs of your company. From small workshop to large-scale industrial operation, the system offers the right level of automation for you. In this process, machines from other manufacturers – for example, milling cutters and wire cutting machines – can also easily be integrated. The different grippers – various electrode grippers, milling grippers or pallet grippers – are operated automatically by the control system. In such a group of interlinked machines, we take care of the individual planning and assume the responsibility for the entire process. No other system offers you something like that.

Quality assurance and increased throughput are the direct monetary benefits Chameleon generates in your production, because it offers a fully automated identification system that carries out error-free and rapid change-overs, thus significantly reducing change-over times, particularly in continuous operation. With additional features such as the LEDs on the magazine shelves you can see the status of the parts in process at a glance.

Chameleon flexibly equips machines and magazines both horizontally and vertically during operation.

This also facilitates stockpiling and sorting. Your key benefit: shorter lead times and improved adherence to delivery dates.

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