The Seibu company has been building CNC wire EDM machines since 1972, making it the world’s first manufacturer of this technology.

Quality without compromise – that has always been the maxim of Seibu in the development and production of wire EDM machines. Their longevity and precision are famous.

The customers know why they trust the Seibu brand. Seibu is the first Japanese manufacturer of wire erosion machines to have over 45 years of experience in this demanding technology.

Right from the start, the company consistently focused on particularly high-quality mechanical engineering as well as state-of-the-art control and generator technology and undertook a very intensive research into the physics of EDM. At the same time, the focus was always on the operator of the wire erosion machine, for whom the use of the machines should of course be as comfortable and flexible as possible.


The result is consistently compelling products that set new standards in wire eroding machines and are ahead of their time.

Seibu develops and manufactures all wire EDM machines exclusively in its own factory in Japan.

Seibu MB-Series wire EDM machines: universal and still special

Seibu already occupies the accuracy class in which high-end wire erosion machines usually position themselves with the standard series, the MB series.

High-performance roughing, the standard super-fine-finishing generator for the finest surfaces and the patented fully automatic wire threading, which has been reliably threading in the cutting gap since the early 1980s, together with the high-quality mechanical engineering, ensure the excellent Seibu machining results and short cutting times.

Low wire consumption, excellent efficiency and minimal maintenance also ensure very low operating costs. With the possible wire diameters of 0.1 mm to 0.3 mm, wire erosion machines of the MB series optimally cover a wide range of applications.

Seibu MMB Series Wire EDM Machines: High precision and high performance

Even more precise is the MMB series from Seibu, a range of wire EDM machines for the highest demands. They cut more accurately than many measuring machines can measure. Nevertheless, they are just as powerful as the models of the MB series and, of course, just as reliable and low-maintenance.

In addition, the wire EDM machines of the MMB series are prepared for thin-wire operation from 0.07 mm diameter, thus expanding the range of possible applications.

Seibu UltraMMB: cutting-edge wire EDM technology without compromise

Precision like from another world reaches the UltraMMB. It redefines the term ‘accuracy’ not only for wire erosion machines. You will hardly find anything comparable. And you may not be able to gauge the result – just realize it’s perfect.

Without compromising on cutting performance or reliability, the UltraMMB wire erosion machines also offer standard thin wire operation from 0.05 mm diameter (of course with the proven automatic wire threading).

Seibu oil bath machines: the specialists

Wire EDM in perfection offers the Seibu oil technology. With thin-wire operation from 0.05 mm wire diameter and with oil-based dielectric, it enables surface qualities and accuracies that were up to now hardly considered possible for wire eroding machines.

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