Heun GmbH

Heun is a specialist in the fields of developing and improving, manufacturing and selling EDM-equipment. Their area of responsibility is small hole EDM drilling machines, micro EDM drilling machines, high-speed EDM-drilling machines, wire-cutting machines as well as spare parts, wear parts, accessories, replacement parts and consumables.

From the idea to the product – from requirements to solutions.

It is a matter of course for Heun to provide customized services from planning and development to delivery and training. The company Heun also offers development of hardware and software for the especial EDM drilling machines.

Steady advancement and improvement of the generators for the machines of the APos series, as well as expansion of technology data are our main aims. Our unique feature is special solutions on customer requirements.

A trained service team with long time experience carries out maintenance, supplies telephone support in case of any questions regarding EDM drilling machines or technology and is on the spot as fast as possible in case of any disturbance.


The company Heun is leader in their field

  • because of their extremely high quality of the products,
  • because of the impressive machining capacity of the machines,
  • because of the excellent experience of their team,
  • because it is matter of course for Heun to deal with the individual requirements of the customers and to find suitable solutions.

EDM drilling machines

S-26/ SP-26

Small hole EDM drilling machine S-26. The low budget alternative with NC-technology.


  • start hole EDM drilling machine with and without oil basin
  • manually
  • NC-programming of depth with automatical retreat
  • Automatic wear compensation
  • Powerful generator with MOS-FET technic
  • 100 technology banks, free programmable
  • Precise and easy moveable crossing table
  • Ceramic piston high pressure pump
  • Tank and filter unit integrated

MD-435/ MD-640/ MD-840

High-precision EDM drilling machine type Micro Drill with PC control and electrode changer. External

tank- and filter unit inclusive. The EDM drilling machine MD-435 CNC is also available with oil basin.



  • automatic electrode wear compensation
  • automatic parameter setting
  • Z-axis motor-driven adjustable and programmable
  • DXF drawings directly importable
  • backlash compensation
  • soft start function
  • automatic touching functions
  • interactive program functions
  • dry run simulation
  • real time self-diagnostic
  • resolution 0,001 mm (servo motor)
  • interpolation linear / circular

APos 800 / APos 1200

High speed small hole EDM drilling machine type APos 800 CNC with PC control system.

For the machine of these series a completely new layout was designed in co-operation with the company Abacus GmbH. The machine body is made of mineral concrete.

The new machine body is an especially developed, modular construction. The usability of the machine series is improved again by rearranging of the layout. Control system and generator are now placed in two separate electrical cabinets. Altogether a compact construction with small required space has been developed. The new housing, made of stainless steel meets highest safety standards. It can optionally be used as basin for machining in water or oil.

The main features and advantages of this new conception are:



  • better thermal stability
  • higher mechanical stiffness
  • big work piece weight
  • fully cased working area
  • robot connection possible
  • compact construction
  • continuous path control for up to 5 axes simultaneous machining
  • EDM milling
  • Network compatible
  • adaptive measuring sensor system
  • integrated tank and filter unit (600 liter body housing)
  • included camera-system
  • minimum removal rate adjustable
  • measuring used electrode & applicable again

More details and parameters under:   http://heun-gmbh.de