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The Arcontec Ltd. is providing consulting and solutions for different technical applications and requirements. We are specialised in machine tools for the following areas:

  • combined turning-milling-drilling machines for aeronautic, automobiles, connector, medicals, watches as well as different other applications
  • high performance tool grinding machines for cutting tool industries, which are used in the
    above mentioned sectors
  • high performance Jig production milling centres for the different applications till high
    complex 5 axis operations on different sizes
  • high productivity grinding machines, manual and automatic loading, flexible machine for
    internal and external grinding up to 8 axis
  • high performance milling machines and centres, 3 to 5 axis with CNC control up to ultra
    high speed machining
  • centres for mould and die industry as well as for the general production of precision parts
  • high performance EDM machines (electrical discharging machines) die sinking and wire cut
    machines for mould making industry
  • high tech equipment for the semi connectors and LED industries for testing, marking,
    inspection and packing for several particular use
  • multifunctional new and used machines according to the project request of customers or their
    special requirements

Our products and the professional expertise make Arcontec Ltd. a reliable partner for the customer, to exceed their expectations in quality, service and value.
Arcontec Ltd. is a global working company with international network, who reflects high international principals and standards in its business model.

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